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move my bloggie~
Due to Livejournal. "NO DISK SPACE"
I have shifted to : http://sapphirenigma.blogspot.com/

Will continue from there. Currently, exploring to use it too :)

sapphire :)

Natalyn!!! Copper's Darling :)
04th June 2010
Friday met up with alicia to have DINNER at TAMPINES :)
had KIM GARY.. but service was bad. Slow slow serving of food :X

accompany her to get SHOES/HEELS :) i brought a pair of flats too :X
k.. I WILL STOP BUYING :X PROMISE~ will control :X

dont know why.. I have like TONS of shoes in the store room le. Got to find one day and PACK PACK :X

Dear has been busy busy these few days with WORk.. OT OT OT :X :(
But i know he is worried about the LOAN SHARK thing. Keep on warning me to get home early :X
I find its better if i saw the person. Cause i can tell them. This person is not staying here. There is no such person here~
AND ASK THEM dont come and bother my HOUSE :P Like so easy hor :X

05th June 2010
went over to Copper husband house to see her and natalyn. The last time was like, Natalyn's FULL MONTH lor :X so long ago :x cause copper weekdays stay BUkit batok. Weekends sometimes than back to Sengkeng. So i have problem meeting her. As weekends i will be like somewhere else :X lol~
finally.. Chatted with her. UPDATE UPDATE STUFF :)

Natalyn is under going laser for the hemangioma(blood vessel) on the top of her eyebrow. She did her first operation and truely can see got smaller abit le. Not so swollen. One month only one time. Hope after all the laser everything will be gone. Natalyn Jiayou!!!

Met up with JC and XL & also XL fds to have steamboat:

07th June 2010
Busy busy with the montage i'am going to do for Juncai And Xue Li wedding :)
Come to know Xue li is only born in the year of 1990. SO YOUNG lor~
So envy~

Done up on 8th June 2010 :X fast ar.. But without wordings yet. As they going for some REhersal on thursday. So gave them the video to test out at the restuarant first. Won't show out yet, Until that day. So that got surprise meh :) But they went to put up their baby pics in FB which they gave me for the montage.. HAI YO~ like that no surprise sia :(

Their baby time. Cute right, with some editing i made :)

Sweet couple

Dear has been CRAZY over playing the RISK game online. Think he become ZAI nan le lar~ can't in bother to talk to him sia. Wana ask him serious stuff. About littledresser and his cousin's wedding. He simply is like in his own WORLD of games. And he will like show temper becasue he can't fight over the enemy. LIKE to "INto" it lar!!!! PLEASE! Felt so fastrauted. Rather you don't call me okie. PISS OFF :(

Meeting up alicia this SAT to go SHOP for her Elder Brother wedding dresses and heels :) Think i will be INTO shopping to !! GSS sales!!! Hope to grab nice cheap stuff... At the same time CONTROL. This year and upcoming year alot of friends WEDDING :X

BLUE paints!!! LOAN SHARK.. you got the wrong person~
02 June 2010

what an unlucky day for my family & neighbours :X
Got back home after work and saw got "bagala" outside my house painting the walls. My mum busy wiping the gates with thinner.
my dad busy calling on the HP~ my sister busy telling her FRD on hp "-"

The first thing come through my mind is ~ WHAT THE HELL...
BLUE PAINTS and abit of RED splash all over. and they even write the I/C no. . the i/c no. does not belongs to any of my FAMILY MEMBERS!!!

(Heng ~ my shoes never put outside. My sister shoes ALL KANA :X)

Hai~ my mum recall that my uncle i/c was stolen the other time. Than we track from there.

Yeap.. my uncle's family come to stay at my house for the 3mths just last year. Due to their house renovation. During that time, my uncle who is a TAXI driver. His small bag got stolen by one of the passenger. without him noticing!! inside contains lots of CASH!!! think got at least about $600. because he haven go BANK in his cash :X
everything GONE. I/C was in there!!!

So thats when my mum recall. Faster call my uncle to confirm the I/C no. issit his? ALL else he also in a dangerous situation. and also get him prepared that the police will call him.
Oh goosh~

friends please becareful of your VALUABLES~

A lost of i/C becomes alot of PROBLEM~ hai... Reported police.
So just hope those %^#&^* wont come!
but i knew they will come back. Maybe the next time is another GANG of LOAN SHARk i also dont know ~ cause the person can be clever enough to borrow from one. He will continue to borrow from other loan sharks. RIGHT?yes...
my bro heard they say will "COME BACK AGAIN"~ oh goosh..

My parents and BRo were at home. They did not know anything. Until my BRO heard something outside when out and see!!! and thats it~
My sister come back right after the INCIDENT. she was damn mad. She just hope she reach home 5 mins earlier to See those people.. VERY DARING hor~
Dont play play with my FAMILY~ :X CAN get nasty at times.

I was super MAD too~ but what can we do??? NOTHING.. only report police and wait for news. Now i get very paranoid like all my FAMILY members too :X

when i woke up this morning to go for work. I acutally go and open my house door and check got anything first :X than i go prepare to go work.:X
CRAZY? nope.. its just normal reaction i find. Cause we can't tolerate or dont know what will happen next???

Talk to neighbours and write notes for them .So that they wont get any misunderstanding And alert them as well :)

PRAY to god~ DID not take pics. NO MOOD:X

there is so much abt brownie and pepper :)
When pepper first met brownie~

Went out to WOODLANDS newly open, WATERFRONT with dear's mum, dear, ahlong & two lovely doggie :) pepper and brownie~

Brownie simply love peppers TOY :)

after brownie bite with all his saliver. Pepper simply jealous and dont want to play his "DOGDOG"- the TOy anymore :X
even brownie go drink pepper water. Pepper also dont wana drink. got to pour a fresh one. :X

We went to the newly open "WATERFRONT" at last evening :)

Brownie got tired :X like that also can sleep~

The next day went to ah long to sing KTV and play with brownie~ While waiting to meet up with JC and Xl. They are giving out Wedding invitaion CARDs to them not me. Cause JC its dear's cousin :) i will be sitting with the family members :P
Brownie.. got a few times WOKE up by me and Suping SHARP HIGH voice while singing :X we trying NOT to let brownie sleep so that at night he can SLEEP throughout soundly :X lol~

Good job done by PEPPER~
he has powerful strength. With just ONE jump!!!
New tattoo (blue black) done on my tighs. thanks ar pepper ~

You can tell the difference from using :
CANON POWER SHOT G11 !!! and our normal canon camera :{

my face can tell ~ i can't even smile. That thing is 12KG :)
And the sun was like to glaring :X
alot of the pics my eyes all very very small :X lol~
the actual pics of the pixels are better, Maybe i load in bloggy than like not difference :) will upload in FB :X

More pics of BROWNIE~
went to ahlong house on monday after work~ he stays at FERNVALE only :X near near~

TEDDY~ lol.. extra lar.. But i find it really looks like my TEDDY lar:)

he is super super adorable~ Take more pics while he is young~ all else a few months will grow vey fast :)

his owner~ picking up him from the pasir ris pet shop:)

back home on the 1st day :X

For the moment i miss pepper now :X lol~

Navy day + sister NAFA + Korea food
What a busy week :)

Friday met up with Catherine at THE CENTRAL for dinner:)
Chit chat :) she left ST LOGISTICS for a better job :) Good for her!
All the best :)

And guess what? On that day itself. I felt my heels like weird~
Than i realise. The bottom is like opening up :X so i use Staple to actually support it. UNTIL i reach THE CENTRAL to get a new pair of shoes :X Thanks dear for picking me up after work :X All else i think half way at the train or bus.. I dont know what will happen :X

Good bye~ heels!!!

Sat was a busy day for me :X
Early morning when to NAVY OPEN HOUSE!!!
Reach there and it was drizzling~ COOL weather. At least better than HOT SUNNY DAY:X
Ah long was there even earlier . WORK lor~ cause he's in the Divers unit. Where they going to have a acting show :)
Than dear fetch me, Suping, Ahlong's mum and ahlong's neice together.

When we reach. They were about to start the SHOW~ So can't really see As the sits are all taken And standing there to watch with alot of umbrella blocking :X lol~
Got a few snaps of the "acting terrorists"~

Their different kind of uniform:
Dear was like showing me what is this and that. explaining to me.

Outside the different vessel :
We wanted to onboard different vessel and take a look. But the Q was like. DAMN super long:X

The submarine:

Dear's colleague :X
Dear use to be in this "VIGOUR" vessel :) So he met quite a few of his colleagues there.

While Q-ing to get in the vessel:

Dear use to be in "VIGOUR" now he is in "VALIANT"

Caught Dear in the video~ long time ago when he was still in "Vigour" they went to australia for exercise :) And also Lawrance beside him:)

in the vessel - "Vigour"
Their colleauges was saying dear can even close eyes to walk around :)
lol~ But i did not get a chance to see where he works:X
Not every part can be expose out :X SERECT~

More pics in Suping camera :) they got a better CAM~ so awaiting~

After that went to pick up Ahlong new PET :)
They name him Brownie!!! Pepper got a new friend. Next time can go walk a dog together :)
Brownie parents are in taiwan!
Born on the 14th FEB 2010.
He is only 3 months + old. After his Thrid Jab~ than he can go out WALK WALK:) Simply looks like TEDDY ... TEDDY is my bear :X lol~ But i think if pepper run and BUMP onto Brownie.. brownie will fly off~

Sister Graduate Work :)
it was open to public to view last weekend. Think for the whole week :)
When down to NAFA to check it out. Hope she will get pick by those HUGE co. who really like their work~

This is her LAST PROJECT :)
iTS a program software for kids age 4- 10 years with parents guidance.
this is the hard case cover. Plus a booklet. with stickers and color page :) so cool~ like those you buy from outside:P

me testing out her creation :) and i'am already over age :X

The steps :)

Random pics :X

My parents and sister with her work~
There is still alot of improvement needed:) but good job, i find the graphics damn CUTE and its really good for kids to learn while playing :X kids will like it~

Exchange of namecards :X acting only~

Words of encouragement~

She and her indonesia partner:)

I went to check out the ADVERTISEMENT exhibition hall :) My sister side is more of programming kind. Create clips, new software application and etc.

here are some of the advertising part:

more of alot of posters, packaging, games , magazine kind :)
their works are ALL Damn coool~ i wont be able to do all this :X

after that i went to bugis and walk walk.. Than dear and dear's mum come fetch me. To go for dinner :) at:

MEATsssss day~
love the pork, Chicken, beef, Prawn, black black noodle~ dislike the LAMB :X
Woohoo~ this is the second time i had KOREAN food:X first time was with my buddies at tanjang pager in my previous blogs i talk abt it. Think it was after i left TLA our first meet up:)
of course hotel prices is ABIT more steep~ It was for dears mum bday :) But i also did not pay~ but i brought a TOP for her as a present. Hope she likes it:P
Thanks to Adam and dear's sister, Amelia for the treat!!!

kichn again~
14th May 2010 - with the gals :)
We went to kichn again :) minmin lor~ lol... did not turn up the other time :)

Done by : buddy mei nu (using photoscape)

This is what we had:

Mine : Fusilli + Fish Fillet + cream base

PoPo : Fusilli + Chicken roll with ham and cheese + cream base

Buddy Mei nu : Rice + Chicken roll with ham and cheese + cream base

Min min : Spagetti + Seafood + curry chilli sauce

Side Dish : prawn (very fresh)

Our Drinks:
Mine : Choc. + Banana
Buddy : Choc. + Bandong
Po Po : Choc. + Oreo
Min Min : Pineapple + Honey

Talk and talk and talk , very thirsty , Order another Pineapple + Lime

snap snap time~

Don't know why my camara is like super blur~ think must have adjust something:X so sorry :X
updated lots of stuff :) Meet up soon take care my dearsss :)

Kailing and Marcus greeting cards requested by them :) Hope when they gather everyones card and decorate in a board will turn up GREAT!!!

my handphone new clothes:

the back part already color drop:X lol~
all those i get from DAISO and DIY :) Cheap meh.. so quality like that lor~

Miss pepper so much~ Weekends burn out at CHANGI AIRPORT , littledresser flea~ (last minute thing, one of the vendors called me to share with her)
Did not seen him for two weeks le!!!

Think is going to be the last time there. Cause is like every third week of the month organise once. And the crowd starts to get lesser and lesser each time. :(

searching for good location! but i know i must pay for the price :X JIAYOU!!!

update pics of pepper :)
More pics taken from Mr long and suping :) thanks~
But did not take the Jack russell. Hai~

See the different size :X


the borrowed life jacket!!!

i'am a little black piglet:X

I realise there are more pics. Taken the last time by them :)
Thia was the last time we went to Fly kite:)

Cheeky tongue face :X

Pepper can fly a kite :X

Horny little boi:

Meetin up buddies on friday after work :)
Sat and Sunday littledresser flea - http://littledresser.livejournal.com
Copper got to meet up another time with you soon :P miss you so much~

Done up the greeting cards for Kailing and Marcus wedding on july :)
Will take a pic of the outcome~ abit messey too much POLKA DOTS :X
Saw their pics posted in FB so sweet and loving couple:)

Jun chye and Xue li wedding confirm :) 12 June 2010 :) will be helping them to do the montage :P. not nice dont say me le... Did one before for dear. total three songs i did.. Yeah.. we got lots of pics meh:X
I have smt in mind for JC and XL montage SONG if they dont have any song in mind i will use "LOVE PARADISE" - By Kelly:) any more suggestions?
Please send me the pics soonest. No time le :X

Swiss roll cake + pepper went swimming :)
7th May 2010

Rich and Good Cake Shop!!!
kekekeke~ found it at some food blog. (had it before back in my ex-company, TLA) Shared it with my current colleagues and we decide to take orders :)
Free delivery - if you spend $100.

Their mango and durian are at $13 per box
Other favours around $12 per box

Pics grab from other webbie :) did not have my camera with me. So didn't have the chance to take :P i ordered one mango and durian.
It comes in a box with two cut rolls . Than i exchange it . One box for mummy and another one for dear's mummy :)

Pics took from other blogs :X
thanks to :

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198887
(65) 6294 3324

Opening hours:
8am-5pm (Mon-Fri), 8am-4pm (Sat), 12pm-3:30pm (Sun)

I find the mango taste nicer than the durian :X as the mango fillings are more. Its chunk of mango in it. The durian maybe too much of cream :x but the softness of the cake, Really nice. Eat it after you fridge it :)

Always wanted to try JANE's cake shop, durian and choc cake. But it closes before i knock off from work~
265 Jalan Kayu
Telephone: (65) 6481-1322

My colleague, Vivian also intro to me this : http://vickycakes.com/home (no pics, and its at holland too far :X)

My current top choc. cake is still : http://www.awfullychocolate.com/

8th May 2010

Ah long thinking to get a poodle. So we went to pasir ris farm to take a look, at the same time brought pepper there for a swim :)

He so ready to go out :) happy pepper~ He don't know the worst thing is happening~ he went once. And he was very afraid to swim:X this time we are going to make him practise :)

Here you go~

Look at his worried face:x He just dont move at all. He can touch the floor in the pool. But he just don't move at all. We try to bring him to the deeper side. But he struggles like siao :X

Look at this huge golden retriever!!! he is damn huge. And clever!!! His owner throw the ball thing inside the pool. He just jump in even head tuck into the water to FIND IT!!!

There was this couple was so kind enough to borrow us their jack russell life jacket :X
So pai say~ pepper is so much taller than it. Still need :X but very nice of them to teach us how to train papper to swim. This couple have two dogs. And their dogs are like JUMPING into the water like no other people business :) Did not took much pics:X busy helping out with pepper :) awaiting more pics from ah long :)

After a few times with the life jacket on. Pepper starts to walk. and than freely without dear or me at the side. With me holding on to his snack~ pepper come eat ..come eat... (to cheat him over) And there he is~ coming towards us. Little treat really helps :) Thanks to the lovely couple who taught us how to train pepper to swim :)

BTW, he LS~ green color after his swim~ think he got a shock of his life :X See whether he still dare to misbehave :X
That day he was super obedient . No barkings at all (even the puppies at the petshop for sales was like barking at him non-stop) Even if the unfamilar guy help him to wear the life jacket. He did make those "ANGRY" erhhhh~ sound. But he control and did not bark at all :P GOOD BOY pepper~
he went to visit "WHERE he was brought from" seeing all the puppies so cute and adorable. But very ke lian they got to stay in the cages until people buy them :(

pong pong time :)

Cutie handsome pepper ~

Going to meet up with Buddy mei nu , min min and POPO soon:)
And also... MY buddy Copper (XWZ) wanna arrange to go see her and natalyn on sat!!! hooray~ When to NTUC to buy some baby snacks for natalyn :) kekekek~

FB addict :X lol~
This episode of south park anout FB. MUST WATCH!!! It will make your day better:)
You will continue to laugh non-stop :)


Review of FRAN :)

It comes in Three packs in a BOX :) with 4 sticks in a pack (if i remember)
Think it will be nicer if its chill before eating. Cause the thick,Rich strawberry will melt :) don't like the stick is in CHOC. i prefer the original kind of WHITE stick :) More tasty.
overall :7/10

little dresser is like no sales at all :( dont know how :P

Went to watch IP MAN II with the gang (10 of us) :)
Thanks to carol who had this HSBC discount for 10 tickets at $7each:)
Met up with ahlong and suping for DINNER at sakae~ than walk around VIVO. Cause show starts at 12.10 am :X

before heading to the movies :) we had:


i got to say i dont really like their drinks :X nor the cake~
4 of us had different drinks :)
Mint choc. (3/10 - like got cough syrup taste)
LOCCO (mixture of choc and coffee) (7/10 the best drink)
Latte (very BITTER, despite adding lots of sugar syrup, 5/10)
Mocha (normal 6/10)
their coffee dont comes in ice blended. That is what makes me disappointed :(
And share an macadamia cake - (6/10 too creamy)

IP man 2

show rating : 8/10 - NICE :)

before this week. We had TWO MOVIES last week:)



I like ETHAN JUAN :X handsome man guy!!!
show rating : 7/10


show rating : 6/10

i need a NEW dress soon :) Attending a wedding on June 12th 2010 (sat)?
congrats to jun chye and xu li :) hope i can help out as much as possible for this young couple. (not much experience, but once a sister for COPPER and KAREN!)

been abit more busy at work:X hope nancy recover soon~
and also attend a security talk given by my company on friday. Really helps me to understand abit more :)


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